If you do this before sleeping, then believe 5 will sleep very well


Nowadays people’s life has become so busy that people can not take the time to own themselves in this busy life and they can not take care of their good food habits. This is probably the reason that people are victims of many kinds of diseases even before age in the body. Yes, we will talk today if sleep is complete with sleep, we feel activated all day. But if sleep is not complete then we feel tired all day, but in today’s time people’s sleep is not complete. One of these reasons is that there is no sleep or sleep on time.

Today we will tell you what are the reasons for this and how it can be overcome. There may be many different reasons for not sleeping. Many people are unable to sleep properly due to excess stress or work pressure. But if you always have trouble sleeping, then it may also be due to insomnia. Please tell, insomnia is such a disease in which a person does not get sleepy, and the whole night goes on changing the breeches on the bed. If you have trouble sleeping then you can take a comfortable sleep by adopting these tips.

Bath with lukewarm water

After a long tired day, bathing with lukewarm water does not make you feel relaxed only, but sleep is also good. Take bath with lukewarm water about 2 hours before sleeping so that your body temperature becomes normal when sleeping. This will make you sleepy


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