Now it is easy to make ‘face mask’ at home, know the miraculous benefits of using it


Friends, we have brought for you some home remedies for facial care. With the help of which you can sit at home, you can speak goodbye to oil from your face. Tell those people with oily skin are more likely to have dark circles. Well, our skin needs to be a bit of oil, but if the oil here is more on the skin then people like it less and use several methods to remove oil from your face. Some people also use cosmic, but they do not make much difference. So let’s know some home remedies for making face masks –

  1. Whitening Mask – After applying this mask, you can see a different and instant glow on your face, but this mask is used most of the time before going to a wedding, party. You can apply it on your face from any skin care center 2 hours before going to the party.

2.Egg Mask – Take out the white part of the egg and mix a few drops of little honey and lemon juice in it and apply it 15 minutes on face to face glow on the face.

3.Baseen mask – Mixing milk, turmeric, curd and rose water in the gram flour makes the face look clean and good.

  1. Moisturizing Masks – Let us know that this mask is used once in 15 days after the age of 40. Which brings a different kind of glow on the skins by finishing the skin of the skin.
  2. Auction Mask – This mask can be used for women who have acne and acne problems on their face. This mask made of marine essence reduces oil from the skin.


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