Poonam Pandey, a man with a man, watch this leaked video on social media


Poonam Pandey would have heard the name. Yes .. We are talking about Poonam Pandey who makes people crazy with their actions. He often posts his photographs on social media, which he likes very much like his fans, while Poonam is often a victim of criticism of people because of his own actions. But these times Poonam got a lot of shock. Indeed, a video of Poonam on social media is increasingly becoming viral in which she is seen with a man on the bed. Now you may be wondering whether Poonam is showing his payouts in this video, but this time he has crossed all limits of shamelessness. This time, an intimate video has been leaked with a man from Poonam.

As soon as this video of Poonam becomes viral, there has been a clutter on social media. This video has been posted by Poonam on its own instagram, but the video was deleted shortly thereafter.

Please tell us that the video is so absurd that we can not show you this video. Although there is no response from Poonam Pandey on this video, but none of his photos have been released since the video.

Let me tell you that Poonam Pandey is one of the h * t actresses of Bollywood and she came to the headlines at the time when she said that she should take off the clothes when she won the team India World Cup. Since then, the number of those who follow him on social media has increased.


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