Prior to Lok Sabha elections, big party of Yogi Sarkar, Saints and Saints will come ‘good days.


As the time of the Lok Sabha election is approaching, all the parties have begun to woo the public. No party wants to woo the public. After losing in the recent assembly elections in three states, BJP does not want to give up any shortage in the vote bank. Talk to the yogi government as soon as the time for the election is approaching, the yogi government is also removing the new scheme. Recently, the Yogi Government had talked of farmers’ debt waiver, cows feeding nutrition, and now the Yogi Sarkar has said about granting pension to saints and saints.

In the Yogi Yogi government is going to take steps to include saints and saints in pension plans. Under the old age pension scheme, the state government will include the camps in all the districts of the state by encouraging the saints and saints and will cover the benefits of this scheme and tell about its benefits. According to the information, in the pension scheme so far, saints and saints were not included because they did not have the basic papers and documents. But now the Yogi Government has decided to include all the survivors from Old Age Pension Scheme by putting camps in every district. In particular, saints and saints have been included.

According to sources, so far the saints and saints were unable to apply for pension plans due to lack of help from the government. But now the government has decided to encourage the saints and to bring it under the purview of this scheme.


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