Yuvraj Singh’s brother wife left,she got a new boyfriend, photos viral on social media


Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother Jolar is running a divorce process with his wife Aakanksha. About that, Yuvraj’s sister-in-law had made some serious allegations about Yuvraj and his mother Babita some time back. At the same time, let us tell you that the news of Yuvraj’s sister-in-law’s ambition has been coming out for a long time. Now you may be wondering, with what is the desire of the aspiration going on? So let’s tell you. Aspirant’s affair is going on with Abraj Singh and now Akanksha has accepted this relationship too. In an interview, Akanksha said that we have now understood that we now need one another with one another. Now let us name this relation. During the reality show, I realized that Abhayar has a lot of meaning in my life ‘.

Talking further, Asanga said that I have not got divorced right now. This dispute is currently going on in the Family Court. Akanksha also spoke openly about the first and the first meeting of her husband, who said that we both met in the gym first time. There we started talking and then both of us realized that we liked one another.

Explain that some time ago, Asmaksha alleged that Yuvraj and his mother, Shabnam, had made serious allegations that their mother-in-law made them feel pressured to create a child. She wanted me to have a baby soon, for which she also brought Prasad from Babaji. Apart from this, I was suffocated in that house. I did not even have the right to disagree on this matter.


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