IIT-Kharagpur Suspends Teacher Who Abused SC, ST Students in Online Class

IIT-Kharagpur Suspends Teacher Who Abused SC, ST Students in Online Class

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has suspended the teacher who had abused SC, ST students in an online class. An inquiry set-up against the teacher has found her guilty.

The IIT Kharagpur registrar Tamal Nath said, “Seema Singh has been suspended after getting the report of the fact-finding committee. The committee consisting of internal faculty that found that the fact has been established. She will resume only after further orders are issued. The inquiry will follow after this suspension as per the procedures.”

Singh had abused students and their parents in an online class. Some students had recorded the incident and uploaded the same online. The video had gone viral and the institute faced much flak.

Students claim that the teacher got angry when some of them had allegedly not stood up for the National Anthem and did not say “Bharat Mata ki Jai” after which she lost her cool and started verbally abusing students. The incident took place in one of the online sessions of preparatory classes held to train SC, ST, and PwD candidates for IIT entrance.

In the widely circulated video, the teacher had called students and their parents by a cuss word repeatedly. She can also be heard saying, “I will continue calling you that and no one on the planet can stop me”. She even threatened students to complain against her, as recorded in the video.

The IIT, however, had separated itself from the incident and had stated that it does not support any kind of abusive behavior.

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