Multiple Entry, Exit Options Under NEP May Have its Demerits, This Teacher Explains How

Multiple Entry, Exit Options Under NEP May Have its Demerits, This Teacher Explains How

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 offers students the flexibility to leave a course after completing a year or two and get the corresponding certification. For instance, if a student leaves a course of four-year duration after one year they will get a certificate, for finishing it in two, they will get a diploma. While many academicians have welcomed the decision, some are not in agreement with it.

A teacher voiced her opinion regarding the same and went on to write a detailed account of how the new policy will cause a negative impact. She cited an example of a Dalit student that she taught and described the ways in which this policy is going to play with his otherwise bright future.

The current system does not give the student that choice and therefore the person pursuing the degree has no option but to complete the entire course. This may be a tedious activity but eventually ensures that the student gets a degree and has chances of having a bright future, said the teacher.

Taking the example of the student, the teacher informed, he was raised by a single parent took loans in order to fund his education and eventually managed to put him through an undergraduate course. The day on which this student appeared for his final exam, he was offered a job by the Bengaluru Airport in the security department. The student is in the process of clearing supplementary exams as he continues to hold on to the job offered by the airport authorities. She also added that the student had been working as a delivery executive with Swiggy in the past.

The idea behind putting him in the undergraduate course that he is pursuing was to ensure that he has a choice of leaving the airport job and has the option to prepare for a competitive exam like Civil Services if he wishes to. Further, he will anyway have the option of teaching or can pursue law. With the new education policy, this option gets taken away from him as he will have the option of leaving the course at the end of his second semester.

As per the new policy,  students have the option of quitting the course at multiple levels in the four-year degree programme.

In conclusion to the series of tweets the teacher called the new education policy aimless and went on to add that the authorities should think about the minority communities before coming up with such ideas.

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