Teacher from Kutch Builds Digital School on a Solar-powered Bicycle

Teacher from Kutch Builds Digital School on a Solar-powered Bicycle

Deepak Mota, a teacher in Hundrai Bagh primary school from Bagh village, has created a mobile school out of a bicycle. The teacher spent Rs 18,000 to 19,000 on his usual cycle which now has a laptop, speaker, USB charging point, battery indicator, and speedometer. This one of a kind cycle runs on both solar and electric energy.

The teacher rides this mobile school door to door to teach students who do not have access to education.

This cycle, however, is not the first invention by Deepak. He had built an education chariot earlier. The chariot had a 42-inch LED TV unit powered by a laptop. This too was built with the purpose of educating students.

Deepak used to rise the chariot to farms and used to hold classes for students. But in the current rainy season, roads are filled with potholes and dense bushes have also developed on roads. This inspired him to make an e-cycle which allows him easy access to children’s homes.

The primary schools in the state have been closed since March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. To ensure students education continues for students in remote areas, the teacher who hails from Maska village in the Mandvi Taluka, has decided to go to homes to students and teach them.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, students have been locked at homes for over a year. Even as the government is running online classes, the same is out of reach of many students who either do not have access to devices or networks.

With offices being reopened and parents rejoining workforce students who used to take classes using their parents; phones are also finding it difficult to continue regular studies.

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