A Five-Foot-8 Humanoid Robot That Will Use Tesla AI

A Five-Foot-8 Humanoid Robot That Will Use Tesla AI

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said it will probably launch the prototype of a humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot” next year, saying the robot would “eliminate dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks.” The robot with a human-like appearance would carry out the work people like to do least, with “profound implications for the economy,” Musk said at the company’s AI Day event on Thursday, August 19. Tesla unveiled at the event chips it designed in-house for its supercomputer, Dojo, to train its automated driving system. Musk said Dojo would be operational next year. A few years ago, Musk asked Tesla engineers “to design a superfast training computer and that’s how we started Project Dojo,” Tesla director Ganesh Venkataramanan said at the AI Day event.

The Tesla Bot will use the same AI that is used on Tesla cars. It will be a 5-foot-8 robot that weighs 125 pounds (56.7kg) and will be built with “lightweight materials.” The Tesla Bot will be equipped with the same autopilot cameras that are used in Tesla cars and will help the robot sense the environment. It will also feature a screen to display information. The Tesla Bot reveal came after a 90-minute presentation detailing some of the artificial intelligence upgrades that Tesla is making to its AI, and the Dojo supercomputer. The Dojo supercomputer will help train Tesla cars to navigate city streets without human assistance.

During the presentation, Elon Musk made sure to point out that humans can outrun the Tesla Bot and “overpower” it. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has, in the past voiced his opinions against robots as weapons the risks AI can pose.

Musk also spoke about how the Tesla Bot may change the future of work as well. “Essentially, in the future, physical work will be a choice. If you want to do it, you can, but you won’t need to do it,” he said during the presentation.

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