Clubhouse Clocks One Million Downloads on Google Play Store Just A Week After Android Debut

Clubhouse Clocks One Million Downloads on Google Play Store Just A Week After Android Debut

Clubhouse for Android that started rolling out in India and “rest of the world” has clocked over one million downloads on Google Play app store. The latest development comes less than a week after its Android debut. The audio-based chat application first started rolling out in Japan, Brazil, and Russia on May 18 and started reaching more markets by the end of the week. The app lets people join an audio-based chatroom – typically made of speakers and participants. While the speakers and hosts discuss any particular topic, participants have the option to raise a hand and join the conversation or raise a question. It gained massive popularity when CEOs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk made a surprising appearance earlier this year. The platform, that originally debuted on iOS ecosystem, continues to retain the invite only status.

It means new users may have to wait for a few hours or days to get the full access. The exclusivity of the app had also created an uproar on its Google Play listing where it initially received roughly 3 out 5 stars based on over three thousand reviews. Some users also claimed that the app was also not sending the verification code. As per its listing, the Clubhouse Android is 56MB in size and requires Android 8 and above to function. Meanwhile, its CEO Paul Davison had said the invite-only status would be dropped, but the timeline remains unclear.

With the Android launch, Clubhouse will hope to tap a largely untapped market as rival platforms and social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are launching their own version of an audio-based chatroom. In India, rival platforms like Fireside are offering a similar audio chatroom experience and is also slowly gaining momentum. Notably, the app growth has also taken a hit in recent months, as data shows that Clubhouse registered roughly 900,000 downloads in April against over 9 million downloads in February. The app debuted on the iOS platform in April 2020.

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