How To Determine Whether Your iPhone Is Fast Charging And How To Ensure It Does

How To Determine Whether Your iPhone Is Fast Charging And How To Ensure It Does

Starting 2017, every Apple iPhone model that has been released, supports USB PD fast charging which has gradually become a popular charging method across smartphones. The fast charging technology is a terrific way to get your phone up to full power battery by increasing the charging speed and therefore less time spent for the phone plugged in. However, you might be confused whether this technology works on your iPhone as only some models happen to have this feature. The issue doesn’t end here because so far only iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max are the two models that are sold with fast chargers. For that matter, the iPhone 12 models are not sold with any chargers at all. So, it is imperative for you to find out if the iPhone you own has fast charging capability.

How to check if your Charger Is Fast Charging?

Don’t go hunting for an official formula to address your doubt. The iPhones are hard-coded in a way that it stops fast charging once the battery reaches 80%. Fast charge only starts when the capacity range falls anywhere 0% and 79%. There is no need to obtain an adapter stronger than 20W as iPhones can only sustain a 20W charge.

You will be glad to know there is a way to future-proof your charging needs if future models ask for a higher charge. The way to do this is to install a third-party app such as Ampere, which calculates incoming charging current and voltage. The conversions needed to check if your charger works, is on you. But the app can help ascertain and troubleshoot a faulty adapter or cable.

To fast charge your iPhone, you need:

-a USB-C to Lightning cable

-an 18-watt power adapter at minimum

Any charger with a USB-C port and enough power works as long as it supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD). Now, that you have the equipment you need, there should not be a problem with fast charging your iPhone.

How To Determine If Your iPhone Is Fast Charging On Ios 14?

The answer is, you cannot. The iOS 14 gives no real hint if an iPhone is fast charging. Also, it is unknown if or when Apple decides to facilitate iPhone users with fast charging notifications. There is still something that you can do. Read below:

-Drain the iPhone’s battery to 0%.

-Plug it into a compatible charger along with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

-Set a timer.

-If it takes much longer than 30 minutes to charge the iPhone battery to 50%, chances are that there is a fault in your cable or charger.

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