MacBook With Apple Pencil Support? Apple Patent Hints At Laptop Model With Pencil Dock

MacBook With Apple Pencil Support? Apple Patent Hints At Laptop Model With Pencil Dock

Apple may be working on a MacBook laptop that could come with support for Apple Pencil. A patent filed by the Cupertino-based giant suggested that the company’s future MacBook laptops could come with an Apple Pencil along with a compartment to store it above the keyboard. The concept design in the patent shows that the touch bar has been replaced with a smaller one on the right side, while using the extra space to house the Apple Pencil. Renders of this concept MacBook design have been made by Yanko Design, showing an Apple Pencil compartment right above the keyboard of the laptop.

The new renders give users a fair idea as to how a MacBook laptop could look with an Apple Pencil compartment. While the patent does not indicate that Apple will actually go ahead with this concept in the future, it does hint towards the company’s future plans and vision. The patent filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office was first reported on by Patently Apple. It said that the “invention relates to incorporating an Apple Pencil that is removably mounted to a MacBook keyboard.” The patent also said that there will be a high-end lighting system is built-into the retainer and the Apple Pencil wherein the Pencil can replace the top F-key row with the “functional key symbols illuminated on Apple Pencil with full functionality.”

While the possibility of Apple bringing Apple Pencil support on MacBook will excite many, it is unlikely that Apple will put a touch-sensitive display on the MacBook as the company has been denying putting a touchscreen on the MacBook since some time. Apple founder Steve Jobs had also said that touchscreen on a Mac will not be a great idea. Apple VP for software Craig Federighi also last year said that a touchscreen MacBook laptop is not in the company’s plans.

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