Microsoft Office Android App Finally Gets Dark Mode

Microsoft Office Android App Finally Gets Dark Mode

Microsoft is finally adding a dark mode to the Office app for Android. The feature on the Microsoft Office Android app comes quite late, after more than a year of being launched for both iOS and Android. Till now, only the iOS app for Microsoft Office had built-in dark mode support. A Microsoft product manager told The Verge in the statement that the feature was a highly requested one from many of Microsoft Office users on Android. Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post and said that the Android app will automatically enable the dark mode if users have set that as a system preference on their Android devices.

Dark mode in the Microsoft Office app can also be toggled from the home tab in the Android app. Microsoft has said that it is rolling out dark mode for the Office app on Android over the coming weeks, so it might not appear for all users instantly. The Microsoft Office app for Android combines Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook in a single application. The Microsoft Office app for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Office on PC has already supported dark mode for quite some time, and it themes most UI elements black except for the pages themselves. Android has also supported dark mode for apps pretty much in a native manner since Android 10 was released more than a year ago.

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