Telegram Now Supports Group Video Calls With Up to 1,000 Participants

Telegram Now Supports Group Video Calls With Up to 1,000 Participants

Telegram is rolling out a new update for its messaging platform that brings a host of new features. One of the most significant updates includes the ability to now host group video calls with up 1000 participants. Additionally, Telegram will now let users record Snapchat-like ‘video messages’ in higher quality and can be expanded, while regular videos could be watched at 0.5 or 2x speeds. It has also added screen sharing with sound to all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls — and much more. As always, users must ensure they are using the latest version of the app to enjoy all the new upgrades.

Starting with group video calls, the company says that up to 30 people can broadcast video from their camera and screen; however, a thousand participants can view the video stream. The feature aims to ease e-learning and other online communication, accelerated by the global pandemic. Telegram, in its official changelog, says the company will keep increasing participant limit. To start a Group Video Call, create a Voice Chat from the info page of any group where you are an admin – then turn your video on.

Telegram video messages inspired by Snapchat are a quick way to check in or share your surroundings without adding another video to your phone’s gallery. Users can now record and send these mini video messages in higher resolution. To record a video message, tap the microphone icon in the message bar to switch from voice message recording to video. Press and hold to record, then tap the camera icon to switch back. Telegram notes that audio from your device will keep playing as you record, so you can now sing along to your favourite songs or reply without pausing your podcast. Additionally, recording with your rear camera lets you pinch to zoom in and capture things at a distance or add a dramatic effect (eerie music not included).

As mentioned, the video playback speed can be adjusted up to 2x via the more option (represented by three dotted lines). Screen sharing has been added to 1-on-1 calls as well, and now includes the sound from your device when broadcasting in any video call. The auto-delete feature is also getting an update, and users now have the option to set timer up to 1 month. The media editor now allows users to illustrate and decorate photos and videos with drawings, text and stickers. Telegram has further added a new prompt in Settings to help you practice entering your Two-Step Verification password. iOS Telegram users are getting zoom levels with the in-app camera option. iPhone users can also choose multiple recipients for forwarded messages by tapping ‘Select’ in the forwarding menu. As always, Telegram updates bring new animations to make the platform more engaging and vibrant.

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