Want To Add Your Signature To Digital Document? Here’s How To Do It Via Google Docs

Want To Add Your Signature To Digital Document? Here’s How To Do It Via Google Docs

There are many software’s that allow users to create and edit documents on the market today, but Google Docs is one of the most popular. A digital document might need a signature. Have you ever had to add one? Maybe you’re signing a deal or putting the finishing touches on a letter. Of course, it’s as simple as signing once it’s been printed, unless you want to email the document or print several copies of the same doc, things get a little more complicated.

You can now sign documents from the comfort of your own home using your “virtual fingertip.” If you find yourself in a situation where you need to add a signature to a Google Doc, there are a few options. However, there is a Built-in Drawing Tool that will allow you to add your signature digitally!

• A drawing tablet or a touchscreen can be an excellent choice for this. But even if you do not have one, your mouse would get the job done for you. though it probably wouldn’t look as beautiful as a standard signature.

• To utilise the drawing tools for a signature, navigate to the Google document into which you wish to enter a signature. At the top of the document, select “Insert -> Drawing… “, then New.

• This launches a drawing canvas, which is useful for sketching an image for your document. You can draw lines, arrows, objects, text, and even import an image to modify. For the time being, we’ll utilise the Scribble tool to draw our signature. It’s accessible via the “Select Line” drop-down menu.

• When you create your first line, a set of tools appears in the upper right corner. You can adjust the thickness, colour, and uniformity of your lines using these. Blue highlights the last line you drew.

• When you’re finished, click the “Save and Close” button, and your picture will be added to the document.

Sign it off using Add-ons

The scribble tool has limited capabilities. If utilising Google‘s tools does not yield the desired results and you want a more protected and legally enforceable solution, add-ons can assist.

• In the toolbar, navigate to “Add-ons -> Get add-ons… ” to look for a Google Doc extension.

• While you are free to explore in order to find and use the ideal add-on for you, there are a few solid options.

• “Simple Signature for Google Docs” is a simple free add-on that is easy to use. First, on the sidebar, type or draw your signature.

• Paste it into your document.

• You may also wish to explore an enhanced document-signing service, such as DocuSign or HelloSign, though there are many options you can use.

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