Xiaomi Phones Were Sold More Than Samsung and Apple’s in June 2021: Counterpoint

Xiaomi Phones Were Sold More Than Samsung and Apple’s in June 2021: Counterpoint

Xiaomi has reportedly overtaken Samsung to sell more phones than any other individual vendor globally, for the first time ever. The Chinese company, which has been a long standing leader in the Indian smartphone market, has topped global phone sales charts in June 2021, according to market research firm, Counterpoint. As per its data, Xiaomi still ranks second behind Samsung if the entire second quarter of 2021 is taken into account. However, the OEM grew 26 percent over the number of phones it sold in May 2021 to overtaken Samsung — which is riddled with supply constraints at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam, where Samsung makes a large number of devices.

According to Counterpoint, Xiaomi presently leads the global smartphone sales charts with a market share of 17.1 percent in June 2021, followed by Samsung at second place with 15.7 percent, and Apple at third place with 14.3 percent. The market movement is seemingly a result of multiple market factors, such as Samsung’s above-mentioned supply chain constraints, Huawei’s slippage from prominence due to the trade restrictions imposed on it by USA, and Xiaomi’s own rise in more premium smartphone segments with its newer crop of smartphones.

In a press statement, Tarun Pathak, research director at Counterpoint, said, “Ever since the decline of Huawei commenced, Xiaomi has been making consistent and aggressive efforts to fill the gap created by this decline. The OEM has been expanding in Huawei’s and Honor’s legacy markets like China, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In June, Xiaomi was further helped by China, Europe and India’s recovery and Samsung’s decline due to supply constraints.” Senior Counterpoint analyst Varun Mishra further added that Xiaomi was the “biggest beneficiary” in the mid-range smartphone market, due to a gap left over by constricted supplies of Samsung’s A-series smartphones.

Recent Xiaomi devices such as its flagship Mi 11 range may have had a significant impact in its perception in premium smartphone markets. The Mi 11 Ultra, for instance, has received widespread critical acclaim for being the extreme, outright flagship smartphone that geeks have typically appreciated Samsung’s S-series and Note series phones to be. While Xiaomi made inroads in this segment, Samsung’s somewhat lacklustre run with the Galaxy S21 series, coupled with no new Galaxy Note devices coming out, may have also contributed to Xiaomi’s entry in markets that it did not play a major part in before.

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