Zomato Pro Plus Limited Membership Offers Unlimited ‘Free’ Deliveries: How it Works

Zomato Pro Plus Limited Membership Offers Unlimited ‘Free’ Deliveries: How it Works

Zomato Pro Plus is here, and unlike Zomato Pro, it will be a limited circulation offer only. Deepinder Goyal, founder and chief executive of the now publicly listed company, posted on Twitter earlier today regarding the new membership tier on offer by the company. According to Goyal’s post, the plan will likely remain in limited circulation in the immediate future, suggesting that Zomato is either testing a model where user subscriptions can offset hiked delivery costs, or looking to incentivise more frequent usage of its services with an apparently ‘exclusive’ membership tier.

What’s on offer with Zomato Pro Plus?

The key perk is highlighted to be the unlimited number of free deliveries that a Zomato Pro Plus user can avail, with Goyal referring to it as “something like Amazon Prime”. Zomato promises no surge fee for peak demand hour deliveries, no distance fee for restaurants that are farther away from the nearest distance radius, and all other existing Pro benefits for the present Zomato Pro subscribers. The plan will remove any delivery charge for the entire duration that this subscription runs. In response to user posts, Goyal also stated that his company “will bear the entire cost” of deliveries made through Zomato Pro Plus, and delivery riders will continue to receive their incentives as per usual.

The exact cost of a Zomato Pro Plus membership plan as well as its structure have not been revealed yet. Goyal confirmed on Twitter that holders of the RBL Bank Zomato Edition Black credit card will get an automatic, complimentary upgrade to the new tier, while all others that receive the invite will have to pay a separate fee to receive its benefits. It will be interesting to see what Zomato Pro Plus is priced at, and whether the cost of the membership offers any tangible benefit over the net delivery costs that regular users of the service incur.

Who all can subscribe to this membership tier?

For starters, Zomato Pro Plus will be an invite only membership plan, suggesting that the most regular customers of the app will likely get the offer to upgrade to this membership tier. It will also be available to only those who are existing subscribers of the Zomato Pro membership plan, which according to Goyal stands at 18 lakh subscribers as of today. A Zomato teaser post states that only a ‘few’ Pro Plus plans will be made available for now, although there is no clarity on the exact number of users that Zomato would be offering it to. The plan will go live at 6PM on Monday, August 2, and the select users would receive a notification alerting them about it.

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