2021 Is The Biggest Year By Far For Monsta X On Billboard’s World Songs Chart

2021 Is The Biggest Year By Far For Monsta X On Billboard’s World Songs Chart

In the past several years, Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart has become something of a catch-all for the biggest names in the K-pop space, as their foreign-language singles and album cuts usually find their way to this tally and perhaps only this tally. Many of the most beloved acts hailing from South Korea have racked up an impressive number of wins on the list, but nobody has performed better on the ranking in 2021 than Monsta X, who has made this year a breakout one for themselves in America.

The South Korean six-member vocal act has placed an incredible 16 different tracks onto the World Digital Song Sales chart throughout 2021. That sum is nearly half of all the tunes from the act that have ever reached the ranking at any point in their years together, and 2021 is far and away the biggest and best yet for the outfit.

Before 2021, Monsta X’s most successful year yet when looking at the World Digital Song Sales chart was 2017, when they pushed five tracks to the tally. They first reached the list in 2015, and they typically send around three tunes to the roster. This year’s total is already five times that figure.

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So far in 2021, Monsta X has collected two new top 10 hits (bringing their total to 15), and they’ve scored their latest wins thanks to a number of projects and a concerted effort by fans to bring older cuts to the light. So far in 2021, the group has dropped two studio efforts—One of a Kind and the Japanese-language Flavors of Love. The act’s dedicated and massive fan base also worked together to send some tracks from years past to the World Digital Song Sales chart by purchasing them in large quantities all around the same time.

With more than four months left before 2022 rolls around, Monsta X could easily continue to push that 16 figure higher and higher. In fact, chances are they likely will, whether with a new release of some kind or thanks to fans deciding which tunes should suddenly become charting smashes.

Here are all of Monsta X’s hits so far this year on the World Digital Song Sales chart.

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No. 5 – “Gambler”

No. 10 – “Nobody Else”

No. 11 – “Addicted”

No. 11 – “Kiss Or Death”

No. 12 – “Secrets”

No. 13 – “Rotate”

No. 13 – “Night View”

No. 14 – “Be Quiet”

No. 14 – “Livin’ It Up”

No. 15 – “Rush”

No. 15 – “Heaven”

No. 16 – “Bebe”

No. 18 – “Myself”

No. 19 – “Ready Or Not”

No. 20 – “Mirror”

No. 25 – “Stand Up”

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