Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Suspended Midway Due to Coronavirus, Contestants Sent Home

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Suspended Midway Due to Coronavirus, Contestants Sent Home

The eighth season of top reality television show Bigg Boss Kannada has been suspended halfway due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show has gone on for more than 70 days with 8 contestants still left. It was hosted by Kiccha Sudeep and started on 28 February earlier this year.

On Saturday, Colours Kannada Business head Parameshwar Gundkal took the decision to end the show. In a social media post, Parameshwar announced the decision to end Bigg Boss Kannada 8 show. “It’s been 71 days since Bigg Boss Season 8 started. There are many mixed emotions that comes to my mind at a time when I stand by the PCR and watch the 11 contestants walking around the house. Everyone inside the house are happy, as they don’t know the difficulties and challenges faced by people outside. They are also safe by being in isolation. We are calling all of them outside tomorrow after informing everyone on the current developments outside. Arrangements are then made to send them and the team home safely,” said Gundkal.

Currently, there were eight contestants in the Bigg Boss house after all eliminations. They are: Aravind KP, Divya Uruduga, Divya Suresh, Prashanth, Chakravarthy, Nidhi and others, as per a website. “Hundreds of days of work. Hundreds of people working in a team. The dream of a team that worked diligently will be halted half way. It was a difficult decision but a peaceful decision. With a heavy heart, Gundkal further added.

Recently, after Goa announced coronavirus restrictions, as many as 9 TV shows wrapped up production in various parts and units headed back to Mumbai.

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