Dia Mirza Opens Up on Importance of Breastfeeding, Lack of Privacy for Feeding Mothers

Dia Mirza Opens Up on Importance of Breastfeeding, Lack of Privacy for Feeding Mothers

The breastfeeding week began on August 1. Many celebrities who have recently become mothers have been utilising this period to increase the awareness about the normalcy and benefits of breastfeeding for a newborn. Many actresses have voiced their concerns regarding lack of spaces, stigma associated with the activity through their social media handles.Joining the bandwagon, actress Dia Mirza — who gave birth to her first child Avyaan Azaad Rekhi on May 14 — has shared her concerns related with the natural act.

In an interview with the Mid Day, she spoke at length about how the importance of breastfeeding. “I have become more acutely aware of the lack of safe spaces for new mothers, especially if they are socially and economically marginalised. Why have we never [highlighted] how hard it is for underserved mothers to feed their babies on construction sites, farms and roadside stalls without any privacy?” she said.

To substantiate her stance, she quoted the World Health Organisation saying that the body suggests that a new born baby should only be given breast milk for the first six months after their birth. This not only provides them adequate nutrition, but also increases their chances to live by six to 10 times in comparison to those who are not given breast milk.

The new mother opined that the current malnutrition and infant mortality rate is worrisome as India features in the list of countries which are facing this problem severely. She gave Belgium’s example to describe how India as a country can learn about protecting the right to breastfeed in public. Dia mentioned breastfeeding is protected by law in Belgium and something of that nature can also help India at large.

Sharing her opinion about breastfeeding, she said that feeding a baby is a natural act and should be considered as one. There is no reason for associating judgement or shame with it when it is done in public.

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