Family Sees Reflection of the Divine in My Portrayal

Family Sees Reflection of the Divine in My Portrayal

Sumedh Mudgalkar’s acting career is not defined by the number of roles he has played till now but by the variety he offers. In his rather short stint, Sumedh has amassed a loyal fan base and credits his varied choice of roles for the praise he is receiving. Currently, he portrays Lord Krishna in the mythological show RadhaKrishn where he has become synonymous with his pious and gentle on-screen avatar. The show has been on air for over three years and counting.  

Prior to this, Sumedh featured in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat as Prince Sushim Maurya. His psycho character Vicky in debut Marathi film Manjha (2017) has been his most rounded performance so far. Other projects like Dil Dosti Dance, Ventilator and Bucket List have also showcased his range as a performer. On experimenting with genres, Sumedh says he likes to challenge himself at every turn.

“It is pretty easy if you are accepted in a certain role and continue doing it. This doesn’t keep me happy. If there are no challenges, my passion as an actor is not awakened. I feel demotivated. I am affected by monotony. In my career till now, I have played Raghav (Dil Dosti Dance) who was flirtatious and lively. Then I was Sushim in a historical drama and he was a negative character. In Ventilator, I had a cameo role which was very different and then in Manjha, my character was a psychopath. Krishna is something very different. I waited for two years and more for something like this to come my way and it has turned out to be very challenging. Here on, my journey will be similar. I will keep doing roles that are out of the box,” shares Sumedh.

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We questioned Sumedh on why his personality seems well-suited for mythological and historical shows, a genre which only few actors have succeeded in. He says, “Sometimes I wonder what’s there in me that people love me so much in certain characters. But, frankly I don’t understand it. It is not just me who is responsible for the portrayal, it is also the way it has been designed by the story writers. My job is to look after my flaws and improve wherever I can. Talking about Krishna, I think it is the character which is so positive and the love that he is getting is coming to me.”

Sumedh says he believes in taking inspiration from everyone around him rather than just actors. “I feel if you try and learn from someone you idolize, you keep becoming like them. Acting can be learnt everywhere. I pick up nuances for my characters from all around. Creating is the fun of acting and one can learn the most from nature.”

About playing Lord Krishna, Sumedh further shares, “I enjoy playing this character the most when he is in a completely divine and calm state. This gives me inner peace. I also love doing the scenes where Krishna is fun and frolic. My family members are devotees of Lord Krishna and they tell me that they see the reflection of the divine in my portrayal of the character. One of my cousins has even put my image of Krishna as his DP. I feel happy bringing positivity in people’s lives. This show is very special to my family. Many people tell me that they learn a lot from Krishna’s knowledge and his words. As far as my belief is concerned, I feel a person needs space for spirituality. One cannot completely transform himself just by portraying a character. But I am growing everyday while shooting. Understanding Krishna’s words and implementing them in one’s lifestyle are different things. I try to understand it but my journey as Sumedh is completely different.”

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