He was Family to Me Here in Mumbai

He was Family to Me Here in Mumbai

Best friends Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta broke their long time friendship in the Bigg Boss 14 house after a big fight. Vikas pushed Arshi in the pool knowingly that she didn’t know swimming and was phobic to it.

Its almost a year now, and Arshi finally broke silence on what went wrong. She says, “Vikas was just like a family to me here in Mumbai. We use to share a great bond, but sadly he ditch me. His ego is too big to see his close people getting successful without his help. But still I have no hard feelings for him. I’m very much particular about making friends, and the one I choose are for life long. Even today I wait for him to ring me and say a ‘sorry’ that was just a game.”

There where reports that because of Vikas, another fight happened between Rakhi Sawant and Arshi. Rakhi who see Vikas as a brother had ordered her to block and break ties with Arshi. Over which she adds, “Yes, we don’t talk anymore. I don’t really know if Vikas is the reason. And I don’t want to comment over it. Its just that time teaches us all a lesson. I can never do wrong to anyone. Nor I can beg for friendship to anyone.”

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