Korean Girl Groups Itzy And (G)I-dle Score Their First Bestselling Albums In The U.S. Simultaneously

Korean Girl Groups Itzy And (G)I-dle Score Their First Bestselling Albums In The U.S. Simultaneously

On the most recently published Top Album Sales chart, Billboard’s weekly ranking of the full-lengths and EPs that sold the most copies in the past tracking period, nine of the spots inside the top 10 are occupied by new releases, with names like Thomas Rhett, DJ Khaled, Royal Blood, Gojira and even the Grateful Dead all collecting additional successful titles. Only Carrie Underwood manages to hold on inside the loftiest space, as her recent release My Savior drops from No. 2 to No. 4.

Further down the 100-spot list, two of the biggest girl groups in K-pop score their first placements on the Top Album Sales chart, collecting big wins at the same time.

The highest-ranking of the two debut placements from K-pop all-female troupes comes from ITZY, whose new EP Guess Who launches at No. 23. That’s a lofty appearance for any act these days, as the industry has drifted away from sales and toward streaming, and it’s especially high for a group that has never made it to the tally before.

Guess Who kicks off at No. 23 thanks to just over 4,600 copies sold, according to information shared by MRC Data (previously known as Nielsen Music).

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Just outside the upper half of this week’s Top Album Sales, another beloved K-pop girl group also lands their first placement on the tally with a short set, which apparently fans couldn’t get enough of. (G)I-DLE appears on the ranking for the first time in their years together with their new EP I Burn, which kicks off its time on the tally at No. 54.

Both ITZY and (G)I-DLE have reached the World Albums chart several times before, and their latest collections also score impressive debuts on that ranking this frame as well. Of the two, only ITZY’s Guess Who performed well enough in its first tracking period to place on the all-encompassing Billboard 200 list, where it settles at No. 148, giving the band their first win on the list as well.

ITZY and (G)I-DLE are part of a busy week on the Top Album Sales chart for South Korean artists, as names from that part of the world fill 10 spots on the ranking, or exactly 10%. Fellow superstars like BTS, NCT and Blackpink (another all-female group from the Asian nation) also keep popular titles on the tally, with all of them falling from where they ranked last time around.

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