Malaika Arora Drops ‘Move of the Week’, Helps Improve Self-confidence

Malaika Arora Drops ‘Move of the Week’, Helps Improve Self-confidence

In these unprecedented times, taking care of health has become compulsory for all. Yoga not only grants you a lean and toned body but also fills you with positivity. Amid COVID lockdown, practicing yoga at home also helps in keeping one’s mind calm and sane. Malaika Arora is one of those celebrities who never fails to share their fitness tips and tricks with their followers. Ever since Malaika started to share Move of the Week on her Instagram handle, it has led to a rise in her followers’ count on social media. In this initiative, every week Malaika shares a yoga asana and asks her fans to try it. The actress nails every asana, owing to her practice. For her fans, she gives a proper step-by-step guide to perform the yoga asana correctly.

On May 24, Malaika was back with a new move which was different and unique from her last few Move of the Week. Starting the post with a greeting and urging people to take utmost care of their health, Malaika introduced this week’s posture which was the ‘Camatkarasana’ or also known as wild thing pose. Explaining the move, Malaika wrote that the posture stretches and opens your chest, shoulders, and hips. Actress further wrote that it also strengthens the arms as the whole weight of your body is on one arm.

Highlighting the benefits of posture, the actress wrote that it not only energizes your body and mind but also improves self-confidence. She further asked people to practice the posture and post it on their handle. “Don’t forget to tag me,” she added.

The fitness diva has been organizing online Face Yoga workshops for glowing and flawless skin. Earlier she had posted videos on how to develop lung capacity and what all yoga asanas one must practice regularly in these times of adversity. The actress has time and again urged people to spare time for yoga as it has proven to be an effective way to increase immunity and COVID recovery.

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