NCT Dream Joins BTS And Seventeen In A Massive Sales Feat In Their Home Country

NCT Dream Joins BTS And Seventeen In A Massive Sales Feat In Their Home Country

NCT Dream’s debut album Hot Sauce has turned out to not only be a massive seller and a huge win for the band in their home country of South Korea, but a historic release, one which has helped them join a very exclusive club that only includes two other beloved bands from their home country.

According to data unveiled by Hanteo, a charting company in South Korea that focuses on sharing real-time information about what titles are selling best in the nation, NCT Dream’s first full-length Hot Sauce has become the extremely rare release that’s popular enough upon its arrival that it manages to sell one million copies in its first full week. The organization revealed the good news just a few hours shy of the end of the first seven-day tracking period, meaning the set likely pulled ahead of that million-sales mark by a healthy margin.

In the announcement, Hanteo pointed out that NCT Dream is just the third musical act of any kind to sell at least a million copies of one album in a week, with the NCT sub-unit joining fellow K-pop superstars BTS and Seventeen in this amazing feat.

So far, four of BTS’s albums and EPs have racked up at least one million sales in their first weeks of availability. The septet has moved beyond just a million purchases, as they’ve now seen several of their most recent collections shatter records and do what had never been done before in the nation. Another South Korean all-male vocal act, Seventeen, managed to do the same with one of their single albums, a short collection of usually just two or three songs that’s a popular format in the country.

With more than one million sales already counted, it seems inevitable that Hot Sauce is headed right for No. 1 on the Gaon Albums chart, the ranking of the bestselling projects in South Korea that’s watched a bit more closely than Hanteo. When (if) it does debut atop the tally in a few days, it will mark the band’s fourth leader on the roster, as three EPs from the group have also risen all the way to the peak position.

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