Raj Kundra Shares Funny Video to Cheer up Fans While Recovering from Covid-19

Raj Kundra Shares Funny Video to Cheer up Fans While Recovering from Covid-19

The second wave of coronavirus has left people stressed and overwhelmed, and many have forgotten to even smile. However, now and then it is important to remember that life must go on. We can win our battle against Covid-19 only when we are not already stressed about our surroundings and can calmly handle the situation.

Businessman and actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra shared an old funny video with his fans on Saturday morning which will surely put a smile on many faces during these trying times. Raj is himself battling Covid along with six other family members.

In the short video posted on his Instagram, the businessman can be seen acting a funny scene with Shilpa. In the clip, Raj appears dressed in a casual printed brown T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans while his wife can be seen wearing a red spaghetti styled top.

Raj can be seen approaching Shilpa who is engrossed in reading a file. He then asks her what she would do if he wins a lottery. To this, the actress promptly replies that she would take half the money won by him and go to her parents’ house forever. Hilariously, Raj then discloses that he has won a lottery of Rs 1,000. He hands her over a note of Rs 500 and pushes her to go to her parent’s home. The video ends with Shilpa making a weird and sad face to the revelation.

In the post, Raj also wrote that since he too is infected with the virus, he has realized how “depressing” it can be to be locked down and so he has shared this short hilarious clip with his fans so that he can “cheer” them up. He also informed his fans that it is important to have a “positive mindset” to beat the deadly virus.

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