The Black List And Coalition Of Asian Pacifics In Entertainment Launch CAPE List To Amplify AAPI Storytelling

The Black List And Coalition Of Asian Pacifics In Entertainment Launch CAPE List To Amplify AAPI Storytelling

As Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month continues, the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) is once again teaming with The Black List for the third edition of the CAPE List, a curated list that highlights the best in Asian and Pacific Islander feature storytelling.

For 30 years, CAPE has done the work to help bolster representation of the Asian and Asian American community in Hollywood. Founded in 2005 by Franklin Leonard, The Black List has become the epicenter of Hollywood executives’ favorite unproduced screenplays. With two great organizations doing amazing things and changing the face of Hollywood, it was only inevitable that they would collaborate for the CAPE List.

For the first time since the CAPE List launched, writers will have the opportunity to have their work read by executives and industry professionals at A Major, Annapurna, Lord Miller, and M88, and have the option to take a general meeting with an executive at each of those companies — which is a big deal.

Ten feature screenplays will be selected for the third annual CAPE List. To qualify, scripts must feature a protagonist who identifies as being of Asian and/or Pacific Islander heritage. In addition, the script must include authentic, accurate and inclusive Asian and Pacific Islander representation that if removed, it would significantly alter or affect the story.

“We’re thrilled to expand the family of partners for this third iteration of the CAPE List,” said Michelle K. Sugihara, CAPE Executive Director. “Support for authentic stories that center APIs and subvert stereotypes is critical to dismantling Hollywood’s prevailing narrative about APIs as the perpetual foreigner or model minority, which, as we’re seeing, has devastating consequences in the real world.”

Leonard added, “It’s an honor once again to partner with CAPE in this work and to expand the circle with our new partners. This is just the beginning, for these relationships and the screenplays and screenwriters we’re all excited to discover.”

Filmmakers and content creators are invited to submit a script for consideration by uploading it to The Black List website between May 12 (that’s today) and July 16. Only original feature screenplays will be considered for this opportunity. Writers selected for the 2021 CAPE List will be notified in the late summer.

The third installment of the CAPE List comes at a time when the Asian community has stood with allies to band together to #StopAsianHate in regards to the inexcusable attack against members of the Asian and Asian American community. The CAPE List will continue to bring shine to the community to elevate and celebrate the very best Asian and Pacific Islander storytellers and artists.

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