There Has Never Been Any Interesting Contestant in Bigg Boss, Says Muskan Jattana

There Has Never Been Any Interesting Contestant in Bigg Boss, Says Muskan Jattana

The popular reality show Bigg Boss is moving to the digital space with its upcoming season Bigg Boss OTT. Hosted by Karan Johar, the show premiered on Voot and will give audience a chance to stream it 24X7. The new format will also enable the audience to decide tasks, punishments and elimination of the contestants. Social media influencer and activist Muskan Jattana is one of the participants on the show.

Also known as Moose Jattana, Muskan is a popular presence on Instagram and TikTok. The 20-year-old has 174K followers on Instagram and is vocal about socio-political issues. In a chat with News18, Muskan talked about saying yes to the reality show, as well as her expectations and strategies. “I feel very excited. I think I’ll be nervous when I am inside the show. For now I’m just excited for the fun part of it. I’m not really scared,” Muskan said.

Talking about the reason behind her participation, she said, “I think about a lot of things in my real life, there are things that I have answers for, that I don’t really put online. So I think, if people were to see me in my real life, they would see how unbothered I am about people being bothered by me. I think the youth will get an impression that in life you can make mistakes. If there are things that may look like mistakes to others but not you, that is okay too. There have been a lot of times that people have said that I have done something wrong and I know I have not. So if they see me more in my real life, they will realise that I’m just confident about myself and I know what I have done. So I thought this is a good way, since it will be live 24X7, they’ll see that I’m a cool person.”

The new format of the show, which lets the audience watch the contestants live 24X7. When asked if she is comfortable being in front of cameras, she said, “I’m a very chill person in real life 24X7. When I was a child, I honestly thought that there was another universe, in which when people were born, their lives would play out in a theatre. That’s how self-involved I have been in my life. This is something that I’ve practiced. I’ve always thought that I am worthy of being watched. So I’m not nervous to be in front of the cameras.”

The influencer also talked about her game-plan or strategy that she will take inside the house. “My biggest game plan is to be myself. This is a very simple, non-complicated answer. Because if I’m not going to be myself, then nobody is gonna be myself. And ‘myself’ will get lost. I owe it to myself to be that. Also, I’m not that sly that I can manipulate people. My mom says that I am very simple, and I should think and speak. But I cannot really do it and I’m not good at it, so there’s no point.”

Every year on the show, the makers assemble an interesting group of participants. When asked if she is wary of the competition, Muskan said, “There has never been any interesting contestant in Bigg Boss till now. Seriously, I don’t think there is any competition. We haven’t really been told who the contestants are, but there have been speculations online. I feel like a lot of them are incorrect. But even if some speculation is correct, seriously speaking, I couldn’t really find anybody that was interesting to me. I really hope that when I meet them, they are fun, loving and understanding.”

Muskan also revealed she is not a fan of the show. “I have not watched Bigg Boss. I know some of the things that happen, in the sense that I had watched four episodes from the last season. But then one guy started talking rubbish and I got triggered and decided it’s better to not watch. In my own season, I will get triggered only, so what’s the point of watching it? I know the format, that you really have to put yourself out there. You don’t have to be shameless but you have to be out there and see what your priorities are. If you have to win a task, then you have to win the task, end of conversation.”

The best performers of Bigg Boss OTT will compete in the televised version of the show. When asked what her hopes are to make it to Bigg Boss 15, she said, “I will get to know that when I go inside the house. Seriously, I can go there and feel, ‘oh this is hard and it’s not for me.’ I’m not saying that Bigg Boss is not for me or it’s bad, I am saying that Bigg Boss is just not my way of living life. So I will go there and find out. Some people are made for reality TV and some people are not. Like Varun Grover, my friend and favourite comedian, I respect him so much but he will never do Bigg Boss. That is because we are good at different things. So I think if I go to the show I will get an idea if I enjoy it or not, whether it’s worth going to the second one. Even if I’m not eliminated, all of this is a process, I think.”

If Bigg Boss is not her way of living life, why is she participating on the show? “It is a challenge. This year has been challenging. There’s been so many challenges mentally and emotionally. There have been a lot of things where I have had to take a stand for myself and have said no, you have to get through this. This (Bigg Boss) will only be the nail in the coffin. This is India’s most challenging thing. There is the most drama and pressure. This is something that I have to go on and tell myself, ‘if you get through this, then it’s good’,” she signed off.

Bigg Boss OTT premieres on Voot on August 8, 2020.

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