This is When Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar will Tie the Knot

This is When Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar will Tie the Knot

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar have been under the spotlight ever since the couple made their relationship official on the sets of reality show Bigg Boss season 14. In a recent development, it seems the couple seems to be getting married in the next three or four months.

Speaking to ETimes, Rahul said that the couple is still in the process of finalising a date, but marriage will happen in three to four months. In an interview to the daily, the former Indian Idol contestant also said that both of them are calm people and are not fussy at all. He also mentioned that there are no pre-wedding jitters since he has performed at a lot of weddings and has witnessed all the grandeur, which is why he would prefer his to be simple and intimate. The singer also said that he will host a function for the fraternity later.

In the same interview, Disha told the daily that she was quite taken aback when the promo of Bigg Boss showed how Rahul was planning on proposing to her. The actress said that since they were just friends before Bigg Boss, although there was certainly the desire to take it to the next level, she was in for a surprise when Rahul went down on one knee. Disha said that the two liked each other, but never spoke about their feelings and when Rahul proposed for marriage it took a little time for things to sink in for Disha.

She said that even her family was surprised as the news reached them. While watching the promo, Disha had tears in her eyes and thought about it. The actress was quite clear on what she wanted and not and hence there was no doubt when Rahul proposed for marriage. After the singer came out for a week in between and the couple also got the opportunity to discuss the wedding plans.

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